The best cheap laptops for 2024, tested and reviewed

We've researched and reviewed the best cheap laptops for students, gaming, and everyday productivity.

May 13, 2024 - 12:50
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The best cheap laptops for 2024, tested and reviewed
a 13-inch m2 apple macbook air against a cloud-patterned backdrop

When it comes to shopping for the best cheap laptops, you can do a lot with $1,000. (Heck, even $500 cuts some mustard nowadays.) But you'll probably have to make some compromises along the way to stay below that price point.

That doesn't mean you have to settle for a total clunker that doesn't tick any of the boxes on your must-have specs list. It just means you have to shop a little smarter than someone with unlimited funds — and that's where we come in.

After meticulously hands-on testing the best laptops, we can recommend several affordable laptops for different budgets, operating system loyalties, and use cases. Read on for our guide to the best cheap laptops of 2024.

FYI: We've listed the pricing and specs of our testing units, which may not apply to each laptop's base model.

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